Alien DAC kit adjustable USB

A kit with board to build the Alien DAC v1.1. This kit has all the surface mount parts to build an USB powered DAC. Voltage is regulated to 4.75 V. It features caps made by AVX, Panasonic FM, united chemi con, and Nichicon Muse ES. The resistors are by Vishay/Dale. This kit is mostly comprised of (small) surface mount components. Soldering service for the DAC chip is available as an option below. This kit also contains an extra resistor for the option to use external power regulated to 5.47V. Mention if you want an LED color other than the standard ultra-blue. Hammond cases are available in black or silver. Please Inquire. The BOM can be seen here: Assembly instructions can be seen here:

Alien DAC kit  adjustable USB
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